07 April 2011

new york weddings part one

i had the pleasure of designing flowers for loli events' table at last week's new york weddings event.  lauren, i.e. loli, gave me complete creative license and i'll be perfectly honest...i sometimes struggles with that amount of freedom.  when designing weddings, the couple gives me  a palette or theme and it's up to me to translate that florally.  when i design my own projects, with the parameters being so wide open and the possibilities being endless, i'm not always sure where i'm going to go.  and many times, i don't have the luxury of time to figure it out.  but without fail, one element emerges and i build from there.  for this particular design i was all about watermelon and coral poppies.

maybe it's because poppies are not around for a very long time that i want to play with them every chance i get.  maybe it's their insane color.  maybe it''s their ability to be quirky, individualistic, charmant and pretty.  maybe it's because they seem in motion all the time.  maybe it's all the above but poppies are definitely having a moment with me as of late.

for a brief second, i thought that perhaps i should work within a palette that is popular with brides.  sure there is beauty in neutral, muted palettes and while i like working with all combinations,  this is a table at a trade show and i needed to a. draw you in and b. represent myself as a designer.  so color wins!  in addition to poppies, i used ranunculus, peonies, spray roses and jasmine -- some of my favorites.

do you see how gorgeous those hellebore {on the left} are?  i heart.
i also created some bud vase vignettes.  i love how clean the vessels are and how they add lightness and delicacy to the table.

 hope to share images of my second styled table soon.  totally different but still kat flower!
{special thanks to missy photography for the lovely images}

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