20 March 2011

peace out winter...we're SPRINGing!

it's the very first day of spring!  hallelujah and amen!  i'm at the brooklyn flea again today with my beautiful friends.  there's no better way to celebrate than with fresh flowers, in my opinion at least.  here's some what i have...

daffodils of course
ranunculus = gorgeous
coral-y, sunset-y carnations
poppies!  they're stopping people in their tracks!
wasn't planning on selling my decor but someone had to have them...
i'll be there from 10-6 or until i run out of flowers.  looking forward to making something pretty for you! x


  1. How sad I missed you there, would loved to have seen so many wonderful flowers. Is the BF a weekly occurrence for you? May have to effort dropping by next weekend.

  2. aggie, i'm normally at the flea on saturdays during the outdoor season, which incidentally starts on april 2nd. hope to see you then! x

  3. Nice to meet you yesterday. I am enjoying my poppy and my anemone. I also just love ranunculus.