17 March 2011

my happy place

this shop was across the street from my flat on rue st. honoré.  in fact there are flower shops all over paris so naturally i fantasized about moving and opening up kat flower there, eating pain au chocolat from the patisserie and boulangerie next door {yes, i was awakened by the distinct aroma of butter, chocolate and fresh bread for seven days - sweet torture}.  but no, not now.  maybe when i retire.  and maybe it would be in another french city.  i don't know, i'm rambling.  don't know what my point is except to say i'm back on the the block groove bunnies.  wedding and event season is upon us and i stand at the ready.  work is coming down on me like a friendly bag of hammers.  for serious.  but it's all very exciting.  so bring it! 

1 comment:

  1. This will indeed be a happy place.. Lovely pic. Liked it flowers.. beautiful :)