21 February 2011

work it winter workshop photos, part two

some more photos from the january workshop for your viewing pleasure.  it's like flower porn.

juliet and darcy roses.  i will never tire of staring into the lovely labyrinth center of a garden rose...

everyone had the same materials {12 total!} but as you can imagine, each arrangement was strikingly different.  some more closeups...
lisianthus.  i'm in love with the color.
you know how i feel about ranunculus...

who took these photos you ask?  well, the brilliant chani todd was one of the students and lucky for me, she brought her fancy camera.

everyone who took the class told me they had a great time.  they loved how relaxed and intimate it all was and liked the freedom to do what they liked with the elements they were given.  i'm gearing up for the next one, in march or april {or maybe both} so stay tuned! 
{photos by chani todd}


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