16 February 2011

happy valentine's day

yeah, i know i'm not one but two and a half days late but we celebrate love here EVERY day at the kat flower.  and no, that's not an excuse for my tardiness...okay, maybe a little, bitty, tiny one.  i've been a busy bunny lately.  valentine's day at the brooklyn flea {will post images later this week}, valentine's day orders, wedding consultations which lead to wedding flower proposals, photo shoots and collaborations, market runs, flower prep, deliveries, life...it's been a bit hectic.  no complaints though.  i've resigned myself to falling asleep on the couch.  it's like i live in a two bedroom, right?

anyway, i made the above arrangement for my display at the flea {there it is at my bedside} and i'm still enjoying it.  the ranunculus, in particular, are blowing my mind.
i hope y'all had a lovely valentine's day.  a good friend shared this oscar wilde quote with me -- 'to love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.'  
preach oscar.  so my wish for you is a most happy valentine's life.  
love, love and more love,
k xxx


  1. well dang. just when i think you can't be any cuter or lovelier. there you go again. BE-A-U-TI-FUL arrangement. seriously gorgeous. and a million thanks for the oscar quote and the wishes for a happy valentine's LIFE. i'm stealing that one.

  2. all thease images are very beautiful.....

  3. On this coming valentine’s day I am going to send flowers from Flowers NYC and will send a small gift along with that to all my loved ones. I am sure this will make them happy. Well They all are really special to me.

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