19 January 2011

bloom japan, the louboutins of the flower world

i braved the cold, icy rain and yesterday's general sucky weather to see bloom japan's flowers, on display at the japan society.  why?  because they're worth it.  allow me to school y'all on japanese flowers -- they are IN. SANE. LY beautiful, in every sense.  put it like this: when i'm at market and i see a exquisitely gorgeous bunch of ranunculus, sweet peas, lisianthus, radish roses or scabiosa and i think 'wow, i've never seen such large fill-in-the-blank flower' or 'omg, that color is cra-a-zy, i HAVE to buy them', no doubt that bunch of flowers is from the land of the rising sun.  then you ask for the price and you get your feelings hurt...they're the dearest of them all.  check them out.

 ranunculus.  have you ever?
gloriosa lily
i dare say that i've never seen blue astilbe.
roses.  the greens ones are radish roses
a ridiculous amount of sweet peas
scabiosa bouquets.  or as one of my wholesalers said, 'the $600 bouquet. wholesale.'
ranunculus topiaries
why are they so expensive?  well, for one, they are high, high quality, like damn near perfect.  as their brochure states, "...flowers and plants are cultivated thanks to the persistent and perfectionist nature of the japanese, creating an excellent flow for producing excellent products."  and shoot, they're also being shipped all the way from japan.  that's a lot of travel and tariff.

cattleya orchid
japanese cultivators take more than three years to produce some of their orchids.  to promote an orchid's bloom, they carry the plants to a hillside with high altitude.  the cultivators then have to make multiple trips throughout the day to monitor the "mountain raising".  these efforts are why japanese orchids are held in such high regard.

and so concludes my lesson on japanese flowers.  thanks for playing kids.


  1. really want to have them all in my room. so gorgeous.

    Love from Singapore Florist :)

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