29 December 2011


some more images from the gala i wrote about for the huffington post...

we're just a few days out from the year's end and like you, i've been reflecting on my 2011. it's gone by in a flash and all in all, it's been a great one for kat flower.  i booked more weddings and events than previously {thank you again to everyone for choosing to work with us}, met some cool people, worked with and collaborated on some great projects with some very talented designers, artists and photographers with the promise of more opportunities to come, got great press, taught some workshops, launched my website all while doing what i love...creating and designing with flowers.  i am truly blessed.

HUGE thanks to all of you for reading and following my escapades through this floral life. thanks for caring, for following, for commenting, for pinning and for supporting me and my little engine that can. it's been heaps of fun {and tres helpful} sharing my journey with you. 2012 is already going to be bigger and badder than ever so stay tuned for all the shenanigans.  so in the indelible words of michael scott {because i've been streaming episodes of the office}, 'see you on the flippity-flip.' and yes, it's official...i've morphed into that guy that quotes tv and movies. please save me from myself.

i'm going to clean my house now. 

{photos by michael seto}

27 December 2011

huffington post

my latest post on being an entrepreneur and running my small business is now live so check it out here.  it's my own personal christmas miracle that i submitted it before the holiday but then again, 'tis the season. 

anyway, because all of you who read le blog are so near and dear to me, i thought i'd share some behind-the-scenes thoughts and inside scoop about my behind-the-scenes article...

first, no b.s. but i got hired 12 days out from the event.  not ideal but clearly doable.  and the email came after midnight from a friend of a friend {who's now my friend too..just go with me on this} who's taken two of my floral workshops.  fancy that.  

the brooklyn floral design community is amazing.  i admire and respect them all and yes, we are friends.  shout out to sarah of blossom and branch, suzanne from coco rosie and sarah from saipua for referring these talented designers because my team was BOSS!  sooz, jen, britt, liza, adriana, linda -- love you all and hope to have lots more work so we can kill it again.  and that's a photo of the 40+ wrist corsages and boutonnieres we were charged to make. wowowowowow.

i've done weddings with bigger budgets.  and so producing all that we had to produce and staying true to my aesthetic was very hard.  and after flowers, supplies, labor, delivery, i had nothing.  so really, why did i say yes?  it really was to test myself and to explore galas and the like as a possible direction for kat flower.  the verdict: definitely can do it so sure, i'll go back to my event roots...in calculated doses.  

finally, the wonderful and talented parris wittingham.  i met parris at an wedding industry event and he was kind enough to not only to check out my work but also called to let me know that he liked it.  that's always nice, right?  so when i decided to approach a photographer about shooting some behind-the-scenes images, he was at the top of my wish list.  luckily for me, he said yes and he committed to the project.  he sent me a questionnaire so he could better understand what i do and what goals i had set for the shoot -- thorough to say the least.  he called it 'love at work' which perfectly summarizes what it is that i do.  and as someone who hates being photographed, he exudes a warmth and calmness that immediately puts even the most camera-shy among us at ease.  and because he was there, i have that beautiful image of team kat flower group hug.

pushing through and making it work indeed...

{photos by parris wittingham studio}

21 December 2011

fierce drummer woman

happy holidays sugar plums.  happened upon this clip via a friend's fb page and it's too brilliant not to share with y'all.  grace jones is everything and her outfit is totally appropriate for a children's christmas special, right?  i can't.  bonus: s. epatha merkerson pre her lieutenant van buren years.  fair warning, this may be a series...
p.s. imagine if this package really went to the 1988 white house? hahahahahaha!

19 December 2011

108 wycoff street

'one day in 2001 i went outside and started gluing things to the front of my house.  i have not stopped yet. my hope was to make a celebratory statement that would cheer and amuse.' 
-- susan gardner, artist

stumbled upon this very cool home in boerum hill yesterday.  reminded me of gaudi's parc guëll.  and yes, i was very much cheered and amused.  i love brooklyn.

15 December 2011


there i am on front street...
lottie of lotte & bloom, one of my favorite floral design blogs, has got this great q&a series featuring designers from all over.  those brits sure are clever, aren't they?  anyway, this week is my turn.  check it out here and my apologies in advance for the bigness of that photo.  whoa. x

12 December 2011

new york magazine weddings

oh happy day!  kat flower is featured in new york weddings winter 2011 issue!  it was late-breaking news about two months ago {the issue hit newsstands in october} but now that the images are also available online, i thought i'd share them on le blog.   

the feature was all about monotone bouquets and as you can see, i designed two for the occasion. as you may know, magazines print about two months in advance so a floral designer's challenge is to create a bouquet in hot-ass july with flowers that will be available in the fall and winter for brides that may be getting married in the spring/summer.  phew!  but we all did it and i'm honored to be included among such talented designers.  

to see the flowers used, click here and here.  AND check me out in the vendor directory!  

09 December 2011

december so far

happy december and happy friday y'all.   started writing this post yesterday and fully expected to post this morning but been having blogger issues {mine more than theirs} and well, now it's afternoon.  where the hell does the day go?

replying to inquiries, scheduling consultations, cranking out proposals for 2012 weddings, laying out plans for other 2012 activities.  fair warning: get in where you can fit in cause the party doesn't stop.  

got a fancy new printer, still putting away my summer clothes cause i'm totally rudy huxtable and want to wear summer clothes all the time.  with a cozy knit, a tall boot, a scarf...in my mind, it works. recommitting myself to pilates {all the schlepping, standing and lifting takes its toll} and cooking superfoods and am finally learning some photoshop basics.  the latter of which involves me enlisting the help of my bridge-climbing, iron-working, art school-educated friend and neighbor.  photoshop tutorials for food.  salmon and quinoa with kale, sweet potatoes, asparagus, butternut squash and walnuts.  i'm okay with that.  

took some snaps of these still beautiful despite being over a week old anemones on my window sill, which has become hospice for leftover flowers.   resized them in photoshop.  opening a whole new chapter of blogging.  yay...i think.

24 November 2011


the handwritten note.  such a wonderful, thoughtful tangible gesture of thanksgiving.  i teared up when i read it, not only because of the sentiment behind it but because it also perfectly embodies why i am so grateful.

this life of mine is an incredible blessing.  here's some of what i'm thankful for today {not necessarily in order}:
  1. my family.  without them, i really would cease to exist, like poof, gone.
  2. my grandmother.  she's 94.
  3. my brother.  yes, i know that he's referenced in #1 but he really deserves his own line.  he's a great man and good at everything he does, including being a brother.  i admire, respect and love him.  i would walk into traffic, a bullet or any other peril so that he would live.  for real.
  4. my immune system.  it's pretty incredible and makes life so much easier.
  5. the sun.  after a few days of rain, it's nice that sunny skies are in effect mode.
  6. kat flower.  i am my own boss and my business is designing with flowers.  that's pretty dope.
  7. my body, particular my eyes, hands arms, back, feet and legs.  lots of lifting, running, schlepping in this line of work and like my immune system, it makes life so much easier.
  8. speaking of body, i'm thankful that my internal clock allowed me a few extra winks this am.  so not the norm...
  9. my friends.  all special, all loved and appreciated by me.
  10. nature.  despite how much we abuse it, it continues.  and it manages to produce such amazingly beautiful plants and flowers {with a wee bit of help}
  11. that i have cereal and milk in the fridge.  i eat steel cut oatmeal with blueberries most mornings but today, i want a quick brekkie.
  12. kindness.  i have been shown an inordinate amount and it makes my heart happy when i witness it.  let it reign always.  
  13. music. 
  14. social media.  le blog, twitter and yes, even fb, has afforded me the opportunity to communicate and share my work, my life, my journey with you.  pretty self-indulgent but i am very grateful nonetheless.
  15. extra flowers. gonna throw something together because i didn't cook and i can't go to thanksgiving dinner with long arms...
  16. today.  not just because it's thanksgiving but more so because it's another day that i get to participate in my life.  every day is a blank slate, a do-over and another shot at getting it right.  i love that and i am beyond grateful.
happy thanksgiving friends.   love and be thankful.  x

14 November 2011

manic monday

i never liked that song but since i find myself writing a post after 8pm on a day that started at 4:30am, it seems kind of fitting.  and i don't mean manic in the crazy sense, not that there is anything wrong with crazy...okay, what the hell am i talking about?  oh yes, monday.

i am working on not one but two events for this wednesday, both corporate, one big.  i've planned many a big event but being on the floral side of things is a whole 'nother animal altogether.  for reals.  testing all my skillz but i'm reveling in the challenge so much so that i haven't had time to share the huffington post piece on me at the flea with y'all until now.  okay, it only came out on sunday but usually i'm more on it.  anyway, it was all about ideas for thanksgiving florals and the above is the 'kat flower special' {their moniker, not mine}. 
these photos were taken last sunday.  took the arrangement outside for more light and a photo shoot ensued.  decided that i'd like to invest in a fancy camera for christmas.  might also need to take a workshop or two.  right now, all i do is hold the camera still and press the button...

i guess i should let y'all know that i'm taking thanksgiving flowers orders.  let me try that again...I'M TAKING THANKSGIVING ORDERS!  oh, that was loud.  anyway, would love it if you made room on your bountiful table for a kat flower special.  and it will be special for sure.

07 November 2011

saturday at the flea

happy monday groove bunnies.  so this past weekend is always my favorite new yorker weekend as sunday was the annual new york city marathon!  always an epicly gorgeous fall day full of inspiration, solidarity, community and fun.  BIG congratulations to all the runners!  but back to the matter at hand...

after a long hiatus, the flowers and i returned to the flea.  again, it was a beautiful day and my blooming friends were in magnificent form.  we're talking peonies, kumquats on the vine, anemones, ranunculus, amaranthus, garden roses, pincushions, bittersweet and more!  AND as i've shared recently, i'm now blogging for the huffington post and they stopped by to shoot my booth for an upcoming lifestyle piece on simple holiday arrangements.  anyway, here's what i was working with..
these mums scream fall...
pincushions and parrot tulips
garden roses
nandina, the star of saturday's show
bobby from the huffington post in action...
the outdoor brooklyn flea ends on november 19th and sadly last saturday was my swan song until 2012.  but please continue to come out and support all the great vendors!
p.s. BIG up to the newest members of team kat flower, linda and adriana!  thanks so much ladies! x 

03 November 2011

feeling fall

i am.  especially today.  there is something about fall that is kind of fantastic -- dry and crisp air {my hair is very happy}, sunny skies, foliage, gorgeous saturated colors, the fashion {who doesn't love a tall boot and a yummy knit}, apples, squash, pies and of course flowers...

went to market this morning and after w.r.e.a.m. october, it was good to check out the goods without having a particular palette or flower in mind.  just drank it all in. 

sharing some photos of an arrangement i delivered this morning.  i was given complete artistic license and felt very inspired by so much...kumquats on the vine, mini charlie brown cymbidium orchids, ranunculus, nandina, garden roses, amaranthus, spider mums of all things {i was all about the color} and this purple-tipped oregano.

i love when i can't wait to start making an arrangement.  sounds corny and a bit contrived but i always to try to go with flow of the flowers.  and i was really into making this arrangement.  just felt right.

took it outside to see it in natural light and it became a photo shoot.  i kind of love it.  but parting really is sweet sorrow and all that...hope my client's wife enjoys it as much as loved making it.

01 November 2011


so if you've been reading my blog since at least the summer, you'll notice that there have been some changes, like the new header, the name, the 'you might also like' suggestions, etc.  but did you notice that handy dandy link on the upper left, the one that says visit MY WEBSITE?!  well, ladies and gentleman {that means you daddy}, i finally have a site!  yay!  cue dancing muppets!  it's been a long time coming.

building a site in this calendar year was definitely a goal {remember this post?} but i'm not going to lie, i wasn't sure where to even begin.  enter you + me design.  i met with miya and elizabeth, the dynamic and talented duo behind you + me design back in july to discuss it all.  i'm a simple girl when it comes to these sort of things so i just wanted a place where people can see some of my work.  my approach was akin to a photographer, i.e. the emphasis would be on the images -- after all, photos are my currency.   and i've been fortunate enough to have worked with some really great photographers.

we worked very hard to make the site clean, beautiful and functional so pretty please, visit it frequently.  and tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, frenemies, the cable guy, your local barista...everyone!  i want servers to crash, like when missoni launched on target, because y'all just can't enough of katflower.com!  okay, i don't want them to crash per se, but you get where i'm going. so if you're curious, let your fingers do the swiping, typing and clicking.  and as always, would love to hear what you think so please comment away!  
{bridal bouquet from september wedding in nashville, photo by stephen jerkins}

31 October 2011

definitely treat

what it's all about...happy halloween groove bunnies.  i'm planning on seeing two of my favorite little ones later today and stealing some of their candy.  hahaha. i kid.  okay, not really.  {photo by margarita corporan}

update: one was a fire chief and the other was one of the british nicki minaj singing sisters. i can't...SOOO cute!  and no halloween candy for me.

30 October 2011


w.r.e.a.m. october came to an abrupt and unexpected end with saturday's freakishly early snowstorm. snow on trees that still have not changed color and snow on sidewalks littered with fallen leaves was on the crazy side of crazy.  i was scheduled to be at the brooklyn flea saturday but due to weather, i had a long-time-coming day off.  no complaints here!  spent the day catching up on emails, finishing proposals, switching my closet {would you believe that i still hadn't retired my summer wardrobe?}, doing laundry and other household chores, visiting clothes i shouldn't buy on the inter-webs, watching food network and discovery and just having a normal non-floral designer saturday.  not loving snow's premature debut as i feel like it's a scary harbinger of the winter to come {lord help us}, but was happy for the break...

as for some of my october weddings...
october 8th...arrived from paris late thursday night and went straight into production friday morning.  no time for jet lag, no time to unpack {confession: my suitcase is still on my bedroom floor...shameful i know}.  photo of the bouquet and the back of the ride as we head out to LI.

october 15th...fight with a pear branch.  by the jagged pinky slice, i think it was a draw.  probably could have used a stitch but my brother {dr. brother} was out of town so knuckle up i did.  and another photo of the back of the ride as we race down the west side highway to the church. 

october 22nd...small wedding so i rode solo to tribeca for this mission.  bride was super sweet and almost, almost, made me tear up as she thanked me for her flowers.  i love all my couples.

october 23rd...in the car as bouquets and i head to housing works bookstore.  white anemones, particularly the ones with black centers, are on the early side so they'll get better later in the season but my bride wanted them and i made it happen.  and i only just stopped singing purple rain. 

sorry that i'm only able to share these less-than-brilliant iphone photos.  honestly, i'm awful at taking photos on jobs so there it is. x