30 June 2010


hope you're enjoying some respite from the crazy heatwave.  i know the flowers are.  some seasonal blooms for your pleasure.  all available maintenant.  get them while the getting's good.

local snapdragon

 zinnias.  love the colors.

coral charm peony


29 June 2010


ban.do gets a lot of blog love and it's no wonder...they've got great stuff.  i'm particularly in love with these corsages.  would zhoozh up any outfit.

28 June 2010

so good!

good morning sunshines!  hope everyone had a great weekend.   a bit of a departure from my regular posts but i had an unexpected treat on saturday -- my lovely brother surprised with tickets to the maxwell/erykah badu concert!  i said no at first {blame my temporary lapse of judgment on the heat} but eventually agreed.  and would you believe that we were in the third row?!  the above was taken from my seat.  no zoom.  seriously.  needless to say, the show was amazing and it renewed my love of the concert.  to watch talented artists do what they love and are so good at, from the musicians to the back-up singers, is super inspiring.  and because i'm still feeling pretty good, i thought i'd share one of my favorite erykah badu songs with you.

yes, maxwell was the headliner and while i love him, i love me some erykah badu too.  i know the video's a wee bit long but a tv appearance doesn't capture all that is erykah.   all her crazy is fine with me because at the end of the day, she is uber-talented, innovative and brings it when performing.  and i so relate to the words to this song -- when love's got a hold on you, it really won't let go.  as she says, yoga, fasting, books or holy water won't help either.

oh, as you see in the above snaps, maxwell brought it with the beautifully tailored suit and erykah wore yellow sweatpants and a t-shirt with a black overcoat and top hat?  you gotta love that.

25 June 2010


tgif!  a little late but aren't you happy just the same?  i just tried to run after the ice cream truck (yes, i'm still 9 years old) and got played.  i make it a rule never to run after anything...the train, the bus, nothing but i guess i forgot myself in the heat.

there's no real rhyme or reason to this week's selection.  i wandered through the market for longer than usual looking for goodies but it was a rough week for flowers this week.  thank god it doesn't still feel like two exits from hell anymore...



lisianthus.  crazy full and beautiful.



peony.  we're heading to the end of the season. {sniff}







look forward to seeing you! x

21 June 2010

flora & fauna

 stopped by john murphy's booth at the brooklyn flea yesterday.  love his use of color.  {above image from here

20 June 2010

for daddy

i lucked out in the dad department for sure 'cause my dad is a great one.  growing up, like many wee ones, i  thought daddy was the smartest, strongest, tallest man ever.  he was super...there's no problem he couldn't solve, nothing he couldn't fix.  he's taught me so much...how to ride a bike, do math in my head, that brains beat beauty all the time, the way a man should treat a woman and it goes on.  but one of the greatest gifts and lessons daddy has given me is belief in self.  work hard, remain focused and true to yourself and everything is possible.  i draw on that every day.  thank you daddy.  you're really are super and you're still the smartest man i know.  happy father's day to you and daddies everywhere.  
{image from here}

18 June 2010


i have been burning the candle at both ends for the past couple of weeks and i definitely need a vacation.  i'll settle for a staycation so i can tra-la-la through brooklyn happily and aimlessly.    but since there's no rest for the weary, i might have to be happy with sleeping in until 7:30.  but enough about that.  mes amis, here's what for sale at le shop...




solidago or goldenrod









also have lemon leaf, stock, calla lilies, leucadendron...look forward to seeing you this weekend! x