29 May 2010


i was in the weeds yesterday so wasn't able to post the shop's latest.  this week, i was brought some flowers that you may have not seen in a bit so it's a bit of show and tell...


saracina lily from the swamps of louisianan.  they bloom once a year for a short time.  you've been put on notice.

mountain laurel.  you already know how i feel about tree blossoms...


love these rudebekia (black-eyed susans) pods.

peonies, four varieties...

i'm in the shop this holiday weekend and if you are in the neighborhood too, let's make a date! x

27 May 2010

garden stroll continued

here are some more snaps from my recent garden visit...

euphorbia, just planted

we were searching for the peonies but i think this is the last of them.  wah.

could there be anything more glorious than this chinese dogwood? 

this rose trumps them all! so nice i had to snap it twice!  how cool is that?  and it's pink! x

26 May 2010

garden stroll or tuesdays with patrick

because the cherry blossoms peaked two weeks ahead of their festival {shame}, patrick and i headed to the bbg thinking the same might be the case for the rose garden.  and we were dead on.  the rain, the warm temps and voila! roses, baby!  lots of them!  everywhere!

patrick's candy cane rose

i'm no photographer so my shadow totally ruined the shot.  lol. 

 loved all the trellised roses.  totally want one for my living room.
aren't they all sooooooo beautiful?

p.s. since it has been so warm, you might want to head over and check out the roses yourself sooner rather than later.  i'm just saying...

for k

today is my bestie's birthday.  to know her is to love her.  we have shared so much...to just call her my best friend is such an understatement.  she is my partner-in-crime, my protector, my check and balances, my confidante, my champion, my laugh track, my ally, at times my stylist and closet and my sister in every sense of the word. 

happy birthday k!  you're the bestest friend/sister i could ever have wanted.  wishing you everything good, beautiful and fun today and always.  love you. xxx