29 January 2010


i heart typography.  and jessica hische's prints are speaking to me, especially this one.  so, see you soon? x
(thanks a cup of jo!)

the market

it's a bitterly cold day in new york but i went to market this morning in the hope of finding some inspiration.  what's on my mind, you ask?  well, valentine's day of course!  here are some snaps from my morning adventure.

ranunculus.   they're pretty much available year-round.  i love them in a bunch.

anemones.  so much personality.

lovely lilac

orchids.  the perfect gift.  i love them potted, with few exceptions...

an exception.  these look beautiful arranged.

i really want to create a design with hyacinth, especially the coral one on the right.  
the color is amazing in person.

 calla lilies.  elegant and romantic.

rainbow of tulips

unopened peonies...so worth it


sweet peas.  i think they're very flirtatious.  you don't need many for impact.


28 January 2010

perfect harmony

                                                                  derrick raphael
bouvardia and buddha.  available at gradys bk and kat flower

cover me

i need, okay, desperately want to reupholster my sofa.  i found a fabric i liked a while ago and bookmarked it but couldn't find it 'cause my bookmarks are such a mess.  but alas, i found it on maison luxe along with some other options.  i really heart the first one.  what do you think?

27 January 2010

pom pom love

from this...

to this...

and this

available at prost the host's shop at etsy, handle & spout and barneys new york respectively.

26 January 2010

blue purple randomness

                                                                             kat flower

                                                                                    derrick raphael

                                                                               kat flower by paul thorburn

will wonders never cease?

 apparently there is an iphone application called flowers.  for 99 cents, you can learn about flowers, play flower quizzes and browse through photos.  if anyone's downloaded it, let me know.

25 January 2010


dug up some photos from my trip to scotland a few years back.  i loved it there.  moody but beautiful landscape and the warmest, friendliest people ever.


the uk's other famous bard

                                                                        paul thorburn

today scotland, along with the rest of the uk, celebrates robert burns' day.   robert burns, best known for penning that famous new years' classic auld lang syne, is the national poet of scotland.  anyone going to a burns' supper tonight?  have some neeps and tatties for me. x
p.s. the flower pictured above is thistle, scotland's national emblem.

23 January 2010


what's new in the shop...


craspedia also known as billy balls
 don't know what they did to get that name.  makes me chuckle...i know, i'm really an adolescent boy.




wax flower