15 December 2010

oh yes, i need a little christmas

i was in need of some christmas cheer yesterday so i headed into the city to where else but rockefeller center to see the tree. i can't remember the last time i intentionally set out to see the tree {i lie. i can...i was a junior in high school and my friends convinced me that going to the tree lighting would be fun, not knowing the crazy large crowds it attracts nor about the stampede-like conditions}.  the tree is pretty spectacular.  new york in general is pretty magical during the holidays.  i grew up here and have great memories of the city at christmas -- the hustle and bustle of shoppers, the store windows, the decorations, the hot dog and chestnuts my mom would buy me for behaving and of course, going to see santa.

remember when things were simple, when you sat on santa's lap and told him what you wanted?  well if i could sit on santa's lap, here's what i'd ask for {in no particular order}:
  1. personal masseuse.  and i'd share with him or her with my friend sarah.
  2.  the perfect daily moisturizer.
  3.  a tub that drains properly.  tired of scrubbing the tub every day.
  4.  an apartment keeper {since i don't live in a house}.
  5.  an endless supply of cire trudon candles.
  6.  laundry that puts itself away {or number 4}.
  7.  a perfectly patina'd mirrored dresser for all that laundry. 
  8.  superpowers
  9. a brush to scrub vases with skinny necks.
  10. faster marathon time.
  11. gloves with a tracking device or that i just can't lose.
  12. fabric to reupholster my sofa
  13. the kathleen bike
  14.  end of human suffering everywhere. 
long list i know so i'll settle for the bike.  i'm staying focused. x
p.s. i had full intention of taking photos of some of the holiday windows but baltic cold + no gloves = no photos.


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