14 October 2010

they can't make them like this anymore

i'm very excited about this post.  whilst in paris, my friend and i visited the fairytale golden palace that is versailles.  and when we got there, we both couldn't believe that all the times we've been to paris, we've never been.  what got us there finally was murakami versailles, takashi murakami's exhibition in the château de versailles.  but what kept us strolling through the chateau's grand apartment, hall of mirrors and grounds was the magnificently and architecturally over-the-top homage to absolute power and monarchy.  we were totally into it.

y'all know i love the gold

the juxtaposition of murakami's super contemporary, fantastical and modern japanese anime art with the penultimate symbol of french classicism and western dominance was mind-blowing.  

marie-antoinette slept here

 the gardens!

dahlias and dusty miller

my new cute notebook
all in all, it was a fantastic way to spend the day.  my friend and i didn't want to leave.  i'd like to return in the spring.  and i just might lose my mind...

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  1. AMAZING! I heard about this Murakami juxtojam a few weeks ago! So happy to see your Paris pics here, ladyflower.