07 October 2010

okay, back to flowers...

so far, i've had one beautifully sunny day in paris and i took full advantage by visiting le parc floral de paris, i.e. the botanic gardens.   botanic gardens are one of my favorite places to visit and since paris is legendary for its flowers, i was particularly excited to visit parc floral.

which way should i go?

 the hydrangeas were drying out but they were charming nonetheless. 

loved the movement that this leaning aster evoked...

at the butterfly pavilion.

while a day at the botanic gardens usually attracts families and couples, what is particularly remarkable about this one {and maybe others in other cities}, i.e. different from the one in brooklyn, is the freedom allowed.  they treat it as a park.  visitors are free to picnic {saw lots of baguettes, bottles of wine and fizzy water}, lounge on the lawns and children are free to play.  there is a playground and quite a few children entered on bikes and scooters.  i also saw runners running through the gardens.   i suspect i know why new york's gardens have different policies but i wish we could adopt a liberal approach.


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