06 October 2010

la grande epicerie indeed

your patience again...
chandelier of bottles
whole foods has NOTHING on le bon marché's grande épicerie.  i know i'm just raving about food here but i have great respect for it and love when i see it getting its proper due.  this is a food emporium.  the selection is amazing and fresh, the design and displays are thoughtful yet simple and there is so much variety.  it's very well done.

doesn't it look like a perfume bottle? 
the narcissist in me liked this one too

loved these soup bottles

splits next to smoothies

and there's a cellar...
i would have taken more but one of the salespeople told me photos are not allowed.  but you get the idea -- it's literally foodie heaven.  and funny enough, i was so overwhelmed with it all that i only bought some almonds and dried fruit and a bottle of water.  and yes, i could have totally have gotten the same at whole foods.  lol. x

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