25 October 2010

a gorgeous day at the flea

hi!  hope y'all had a great weekend, it was a beauty.  it wouldn't be a monday post without my weekly wrap-up of my day at the brooklyn flea {who incidentally did a write-up on lil' ol' me last wednesday}.  saturday was super special in that i was joined by the lovely lindsay, who will be helping me with all manners of flower activities.  she's already made my life easier.  hallelujah.  and here's saturday's assortment...

godetia and dusty miller
bush ivy
astilbe and rosehip
closer look at that rosehip...
dahlias in the house!  i'm borderline obsessed...
datura pod
beauty aster...saturday's favorite.  i was lucky to snap these three.
ranunculus, the word i repeat the most.
many of my friends live in brooklyn and i love when they stop by.  this particular visitor caused a commotion full stop.  you would have thought justin bieber and robert pattinson were at my booth.  please allow me to introduce you to mr. tibbs...
he had a long day and just couldn't manage anymore
see his paws? he's a cane corso so he'll be about 180 lbs.
but he's a wee pup now and like all babies, he wants to be carried.
so that's it.  the outdoor flea ends on november 20th.  hope you stop by and visit us again or very soon.x