07 October 2010

dahlias, paris-style

folks often ask me what are my favorite flowers and the answer really depends on the season, i.e. in the spring, i love tree blossoms.  just like food, i really try to maximize what is local and seasonal.  so for me, late summer and fall is all about the dahlia.  i've used them quite a bit in this year's wedding and event arrangements and have featured them at the flea.  i heart them.  and to say that my heart leapt when i happened upon the dahlia gardens at parc floral is a huge understatement...it absolutely, positively soared!  this is what i've been waiting for and i couldn't have been more happy.  it was a total moment.  allow me to overwhelm you with the beauty that is the dahlia...

i mean, really...

the gunnera {giant rhubarb} that shaded me while i picnic'd next to the dahlia garden, smiling and loving my life. 

have soooo many more photos {i must have snapped an image of each one} but i'll leave you with this dinnerplate.  glad i came to paris. x


  1. I'm loving all of these Paris posts - looks like you're having an amazing time. And the weather seems to be perfect...

  2. do you have a idea where can i get the dahlia buds, as i am visitng paris on may 2011