31 October 2010

happy halloween

photo from here
no candy corn {yet} but did have some red velvet cake for breakfast.  wishing you a fun and safe halloween. x

30 October 2010

this is my life

see you at the flea!
p.s. where can i get one of those?  
{image from here}

27 October 2010

saturday evening post

baby shower in clinton hill 

birthday soiree in flatbush
arrangements with saturday's flea flowers...

we all scream for...stripes

got some chocolate editions bars for a stripe-lovin' friend recently.  bet the stripes make them taste better.

26 October 2010

behind the scenes

waiting for their close-up...
had a photo shoot at the beautiful ukranian institute.  loved the chandeliers and these cafe au lait dahlias.  will share images soon...

paul & joe...défilé printemps été 2011

the invitation
another quick post on my recent trip to paris.  i managed to go to the paul & joe show while there and saw that you can actually view it on their site.  so it will be like you were there with me.  i loved all the bright citrus hues.  perfect for my next holiday...let me dream my little dream.

25 October 2010

a gorgeous day at the flea

hi!  hope y'all had a great weekend, it was a beauty.  it wouldn't be a monday post without my weekly wrap-up of my day at the brooklyn flea {who incidentally did a write-up on lil' ol' me last wednesday}.  saturday was super special in that i was joined by the lovely lindsay, who will be helping me with all manners of flower activities.  she's already made my life easier.  hallelujah.  and here's saturday's assortment...

godetia and dusty miller
bush ivy
astilbe and rosehip
closer look at that rosehip...
dahlias in the house!  i'm borderline obsessed...
datura pod
beauty aster...saturday's favorite.  i was lucky to snap these three.
ranunculus, the word i repeat the most.
many of my friends live in brooklyn and i love when they stop by.  this particular visitor caused a commotion full stop.  you would have thought justin bieber and robert pattinson were at my booth.  please allow me to introduce you to mr. tibbs...
he had a long day and just couldn't manage anymore
see his paws? he's a cane corso so he'll be about 180 lbs.
but he's a wee pup now and like all babies, he wants to be carried.
so that's it.  the outdoor flea ends on november 20th.  hope you stop by and visit us again or very soon.x

21 October 2010

brooklyn bound

more evidence of the fly-ness that is brooklyn.  {from lines & shapes}

have you seen these?

sorry, totally forgot to share these with you...images from my stint at sunday suppers.  remember the before?  and yes, that is rosemary you see in the lower right image.  my inspiration...summer herbs.  anyway, i'll share more once i get them. {photos by karen mordechai}

19 October 2010

i love sesame street so i couldn't resist

for the tweeny-bopper in me {and maybe you}. don't hate. it's catchy as all hell.
p.s. loooooooovvve the leiyomi hair whip!  it kills me every bloody time.

18 October 2010

saturday at the flea

hi y'all.  the sun is shining, the air is crisp and brisk and i'm rocking my new favorite jeans -- they are what my friend likes to call kat vintage, i.e. jeans i've had since college that i decided to bring back into rotation. but that's not the point of this post...

so saturday me and some of the loveliest flowers that money can buy were back at the brooklyn flea, braving the crazy wind.  but it was a gorgeous one and as always, it was lovely seeing my regulars and making new friends.  some snaps of my fine-petaled friends...

all about dahlias...
was in love with this purple basil but it didn't like the cold too tough
nigella pods
i also had stock, rosemary, godetia, seeded eucalyptus, calcynia.  what will i bring next week?  guess you'll have to stop by and find out! x

14 October 2010

they can't make them like this anymore

i'm very excited about this post.  whilst in paris, my friend and i visited the fairytale golden palace that is versailles.  and when we got there, we both couldn't believe that all the times we've been to paris, we've never been.  what got us there finally was murakami versailles, takashi murakami's exhibition in the château de versailles.  but what kept us strolling through the chateau's grand apartment, hall of mirrors and grounds was the magnificently and architecturally over-the-top homage to absolute power and monarchy.  we were totally into it.

y'all know i love the gold

the juxtaposition of murakami's super contemporary, fantastical and modern japanese anime art with the penultimate symbol of french classicism and western dominance was mind-blowing.  

marie-antoinette slept here

 the gardens!

dahlias and dusty miller

my new cute notebook
all in all, it was a fantastic way to spend the day.  my friend and i didn't want to leave.  i'd like to return in the spring.  and i just might lose my mind...