09 September 2010

you lost me there

i've said it before.  my friends are intelligent and talented and i will shamelessly plug their projects on this here blog.  rosecrans' novel is a wonderfully brilliant debut.  and the critics {whether you go by them or not} are totally co-signing my review...

'A masterful study of love, loss, and self-discovery.' (The Daily Beast) 'Elegantly perceptive.' (Chicago Tribune) 'A mature look at relationships and memory.' (Los Angeles Times) 'The most surprising thing about You Lost Me There is Baldwin’s self-assured, subtle and unfailingly moving prose—this book does not read like the work of a young, first-time novelist.' (NPR)

so do not delay, pick it up today!  {didn't mean to rhyme but i'm committing to it} and for those of you in the new york city area, rosecrans will be reading and signing at mcnally-jackson in soho next wednesday.  i'll be there for sure. x

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  1. how exciting! congrats to your friends! I want to pick this up and give it a go!