27 September 2010

saturday at the flea

i really love selling flowers at the outdoor flea.  and the weather's totally been cooperating...sunny skies so far {i'm not jinxing it, just letting the universe know i'm thankful and to keep it coming}.  in addition to flowers, there's so much...vintage, bric-a-brac, art and you can't front on the food 'cause it's pretty damn good.  i've been obsessed with asia dog since they joined and always have to tell myself that two is the limit.  and cause this saturday was blazing hot {wow}, i had to keep the people's pops' ices coming.  so good.  okay, back to the flowers...
bush ivy

viburnum berries

i'm obsessed with these carnations

it's been wonderful seeing familiar faces and meeting so many new people.  one of my best new customers is charlie.  she's 8.  we chat about flowers, school, life, business...

and silly bands.  charlie's stash, available for trade.  some are worth two.  so i'm going to buy a pack and see if we can do some business.


  1. It doesn't feel like a job doing things you love to do, being a florist is just like a hobby to me.

    funeral flowers

  2. Love the silly bands! My niece would kill for those ... She's a style maven in the making.

    Stylishly yours,

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