13 September 2010

saturday at the flea

happy monday.  hope you all had a lovely weekend.  so this past saturday was my third week at the brooklyn flea.  so far, it's been really great -- all the familiar faces, meeting new friends, how welcoming the other vendors have been, the great food and i love, love, love being outside.  anyway, in case you weren't able to come through, here's some of what you missed...

 lisianthus.  was so in love with the white blush one.  think i might use them for a wedding.

black pearl

just two of the dahlias i had for sale.  as long as dahlias are available, i will keep buying them.  i heart them so much.



ranunculus.  the ladies love them.

don't the flowers look beautiful in all that sunshine?  i think they're happy.  i'll be at the flea through the month and hopefully the remainder of the outdoor season, barring weather and weddings/events.  looking forward to seeing you! xo

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