07 September 2010

happy belated labor day

hi lovelies!  hope you all had a lovely long weekend.  if you stayed in the city, like me, then you know the weather was gorgeous.  saturday, i sold some of my own gorgeousness at the brooklyn flea.  and i bought a cute dress for $5!  thought i'd share some snaps of my flower friends.

wow, was it windy!  my tissue paper was totally airborne.  and for those that came out the first week, you may notice that i got a bigger booth and changed the layout a bit.  and i was across from food island, which is great and torturous all at once. 

peppers.  they're lovely in arrangements.






cockscomb.  the crowd favorite.

what will i have at the flea next week?  not sure but i can't wait to see you!

p.s. stop saying summer is over.  it's not.  we've got two more weeks after which time i will be ready to transition to sleeves.

1 comment:

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