11 September 2010


today, september 11th, is my little brother alex's birthday.   growing up, much to our collective dismay, my parents constantly beat us over the head with the notion that all we had was each other.   and with every year, that premise becomes more and more significant and true to me.   a few words about alex -- he's highly intelligent and insightful, generous beyond comprehension, loyal, funny {in a dry like chips sort of way} and a really, really, really good man.   i admire, respect, cherish and love him.   today and every day, i wish him every happiness and joy in this world -- actually, i demand it.   all of this mush probably embarasses him to no end but he means the world to me and i'm so grateful to my parents for him.

anyway, while i've done the birthday video before, this one references an inside family joke:
happy birthday brother.
hope i made you smile.
your big sister x

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