30 September 2010

au revoir mes amis

or better yet,  à bientot.  bought a ticket on monday and am leaving for paris tonight.  fatigue is fertile breeding ground for spontaneity and i am ty-ty with a capital T.  got miles, a friend's empty parisian apartment so it couldn't be more perfect.  plan to rejuvenate, walk and explore every nook and alley, eat beautiful food and soak up as much inspiration as i can handle.  will try to post and tweet while i'm there.  bisous x

28 September 2010

taking it to the rue {and the nydc}

last wednesday, i had the pleasure of collaborating with rue magazine, the newly launched chic online magazine, on their kitchen presentation at new york design center's what's new what's next event.  rue assembled a cracker jack team of talent, including marissa lippert of nourish on the stove 1 & 2s for a fall entertaining cooking demonstration and jacqueline weppner of merci new york, who i worked with to convert a showroom kitchen nook into a fabulous tabletop design...if i do say so myself and i just did.

aren't the plates divine?  the first of jackie's abc home pulls.  and the flatware?  that's from me...a vintage set from mommy when i moved into the crib.  you know i love the gold...
the centerpiece vessel {another gorgeous pull by merci new york} is actually a three tiered stand.  it's all about repurposing what's in your kitchen. 

i was a french major so i have lots of french books on my bookcase.  

marissa's delicious tart.  that's her in the center doing her thing.
soup tureen and vintage glasses as vessels. 

jackie's attention to detail is insane, in a good way.

branding done right
tabletop design and styling by merci new york, recipes by nourish 
it's always great to collaborate with amazing people and i had a great time working on this event.  can't wait for the next one!  and BIG UP again to anne, crystal, caitlin and alaina at rue for making it all happen.  add rue magazine to your bookmarks.  it's stylish, chic, inspiring and free!
{photos courtesy of rima campbell and trent bailey}

27 September 2010

saturday at the flea

i really love selling flowers at the outdoor flea.  and the weather's totally been cooperating...sunny skies so far {i'm not jinxing it, just letting the universe know i'm thankful and to keep it coming}.  in addition to flowers, there's so much...vintage, bric-a-brac, art and you can't front on the food 'cause it's pretty damn good.  i've been obsessed with asia dog since they joined and always have to tell myself that two is the limit.  and cause this saturday was blazing hot {wow}, i had to keep the people's pops' ices coming.  so good.  okay, back to the flowers...
bush ivy

viburnum berries

i'm obsessed with these carnations

it's been wonderful seeing familiar faces and meeting so many new people.  one of my best new customers is charlie.  she's 8.  we chat about flowers, school, life, business...

and silly bands.  charlie's stash, available for trade.  some are worth two.  so i'm going to buy a pack and see if we can do some business.

24 September 2010

pink pineapples

growing up, my mom had vases similar to these but in white milk glass {where are they now?!}.  these remind me of them.

23 September 2010

beastly walls

none of my walls are wallpapered but i want to do it.  and when i do, i'd probably go with something from timorous beasties.  can't remember when i first got hip to their work but when i was in glasgow a few years back, i visited their design studio.  i find their collections to be super interesting, provocative, thoughtful and beautiful.  did i mention most of them are hand printed? some snaps...

they're scottish so they almost have to shout-out to the thistle

combining a few of my favorites...tree blossoms, birds and gold!
at the new york design center's what's new what's next event last night, i got super excited to see that timorous beasties was included in the what's new part.   which would you pick? x

22 September 2010

where will you be at 3:15pm today?

an exciting day for kat flower!  today, i have the pleasure of collaborating with the lovely editors of rue magazine {it launched last thursday and if you have checked it out, get there}, marissa lippert of nourish and jackie weppner of merci new york on a cooking demonstration/tabletop display, fusing fall entertaining, style and design at new york design center's what's new, what's next event.  {click here to rsvp}

and if you do come through, please stop by and say hello.  i promise to post photos soon! x

21 September 2010

i've been working on the railroad...

it's tuesday and i feel like it should already be friday because of all that is going on in my world.  been burning the candle at both ends and once i have photographic evidence, i'll update y'all of all that's happening.  that said, i realized that i did not post photos from last week's flea.  here's what you missed or saw, depending on your perspective.

garden roses

lisianthus and seeded eucalyptus

brassica, i.e. flowering kale
spray roses, godetia, chamomile and sunflower
parrot tulips
dinner plate dahlias
it was a bountiful display if i do say so myself.  and i'll be back on saturday with more goodies. x

happy fall

superstars, it's officially autumn.  while i am lamenting saying farewell to the heat, i must admit these cooler, yet sunny temperatures are a welcome change to new york's {very} aggressive summer.  i also love fall fashion -- yummy knits, beautiful boots, the chic trouser.  only problem being that my summer wardrobe is all about long and flowy, i.e. figure-forgiving, so putting on jeans for the first time can be problematic.  wow.  that's why i'll be rocking something like the above to make that transition to having to button a waistband.  you feel me? {top available here}

13 September 2010

saturday at the flea

happy monday.  hope you all had a lovely weekend.  so this past saturday was my third week at the brooklyn flea.  so far, it's been really great -- all the familiar faces, meeting new friends, how welcoming the other vendors have been, the great food and i love, love, love being outside.  anyway, in case you weren't able to come through, here's some of what you missed...

 lisianthus.  was so in love with the white blush one.  think i might use them for a wedding.

black pearl

just two of the dahlias i had for sale.  as long as dahlias are available, i will keep buying them.  i heart them so much.



ranunculus.  the ladies love them.

don't the flowers look beautiful in all that sunshine?  i think they're happy.  i'll be at the flea through the month and hopefully the remainder of the outdoor season, barring weather and weddings/events.  looking forward to seeing you! xo