02 August 2010

brooklyn to the l.i.c.

 waiting to be placed.  photo by annie
 good morning buttercups!  so team kat flower spent the weekend cleaning and conditioning a ridiculous amount of flowers, wiring and arranging buds and stems in our little flower workshop for a sunday wedding at the foundry.  and it wouldn't be a wedding without things going wrong, like i don't know, going to pick up the feature flower that you ordered and emailed a photo of only to find out they're completely the wrong color {i mean, it couldn't have been more wrong}.  but i put on my super event planner cape {yup, i've also worked as an event planner since johnny was a boy} and got it done.  i won't let my bride down nor will i be defeated {said with arms akimbo and cape blowing in the wind}.

the foundry is a gorgeous space for an event.  however, creating an arrangement in this urn is quite treacherous, as exhibited above.

 team making sure everything is perfect...

it doesn't get more cracker-jack than these lovely ladies.  

 out-y 5000!
and since the potential for skylarking becomes increasingly high when one is a) punchy and tired, b) coming down from an all-donut high and c) about to get down on a proper meal, here is tiz-zeem kat flower posing oh so naturally.  will post more images of this wedding soon!
{disclaimer: flowers in photo are totally from a previous event.  thought the use of props would up the tool/cheese quotient.  think we were successful}


  1. love these and so happy to get a glimpse of the team who makes it happen! flowers look awesome, but even better - all of you look like you're having so much fun putting everything together! i think that kind of joy always shows in the end product. goooooo team!

  2. What Margaret said! Love the behind the scenes peek -

  3. Beautiful! Designing in the urn over the giant hole is crazy.....that was Ruth's job last time we had an event there. Lucky her!

  4. hot children in the city...you ladies make flower love! so great - hope to see you soon!