31 August 2010

a song for d

happy birthday!  one of my favorite songs for one of my favorite people...reminds me of driving through ja in the low corolla.  good times.  wishing you sunshine, health, happiness, laughter, love and all that is beautiful today and always.  x

30 August 2010

bees at the flea love me

okay, they really love the flowers.  but a girl can dream, can't she?

 all jokes aside, kat flower's debut at the brooklyn flea was great!  i couldn't have asked for a better day.  the sun was shining, the bees were buzzing, the streets were alive with the sound of flea-ers...i loved being outside.  here are some more snaps of my little world and some of the beauties featured this week.  huge big up to my friends gavin and anthony for all their help.

 not just dahlias but dinner plate dahlias!


business cards grow in brooklyn...

i really missed seeing you and had a lovely time selling my flower friends and making you sweet bouquets.  my heart is still full.  
very much looking forward to seeing you again! x

25 August 2010

i'm flea-ing!

                                                                                                                photo by kate glicksberg
hey superstars, told you i'd be back!  this saturday, august 28th, i'm selling fresh blooms at the brooklyn flea.  it will be all that you've come expect from kat flower and more.  the weather will be beautiful and i'm super excited as i've missed y'all ever so much.  please come on through and spread the word!  x

get it brides!

attention all you soon-to be-marrieds...my friend jackie at merci new york is running an amazing giveaway.  it's your chance to knock him {and everyone else} dead so don't sleep on this ladies!  just lookin' out is all...xo

20 August 2010

wedding advice

in case you missed it, i was interviewed on wedding style by kalyn johnson earlier this week.  to read it, click here.


MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.
so sweet and funny and charming and worth the 3:20 minutes.  happy friday!
{you rock askpiper!}

19 August 2010

i covet

was scouting locations for an upcoming photo shoot and was hipped to this sick alley of carriage houses.  i want to live here.  
{thanks again, brooklyn bride!}

oh, the drama...

hey everyone! annie again, here for my final post of the summer. =( so sad! i've had an incredible time working with kat, and learned so much! i can't thank her enough for everything she's taught me, as well as for everything she fed me. hehe. as summer draws to a close, everyone (including me) is dreading having to go back to cold weather and...well, life in general (for me, it's college). and as we know, life is full of drama. so for everyone out there who has to deal with life's unnecessary drama...i present you with: the drama button.
all you have to do when feeling stressed and/or particularly dramatic is go to this little website and press the play button! and it'll automatically put a smile on your face. or at least a hint of one. so folks, thank you for reading my random posts and i hope you all had a lovely summer! off to ithaca for me...

12 August 2010

stina persson

feeling inspired by swedish illustrator stina persson's watercolors.  incidentally, she was a upcoming show at gallery hanahou next month...
{thanks aphrochic!}

11 August 2010


but totally genius and necessary in some situations...movies, restaurants, arguments immediately come to mind.  i want a pack. 
available at haus interior.

easy as 1, 2, 3...

hello all, it's your friendly intern annie again! this time, i am not here to show you anything wedding-related, but it is incredibly, undeniably, awesome. i've never seen anything like it, and it's so entertaining!

you might be wondering, "what on earth is this girl showing us?" well, it's an illustrated version of the alphabet...using pop culture references. in fact, it's so awesome that it's called the a-z of awesomeness. check it out yourself, and i guarantee at least some of them will make you literally laugh out loud.

10 August 2010


i tend to overbuy...clothes, shoes, food and yes, flowers.  but today's my birthday so rather than waste sunday's abundance, i thought i'd make myself something nice.  i like it. x

09 August 2010


happy monday beauties!  remember that project i mentioned in thursday's post?  well, if you follow me on twitter, you know that i did the florals for sunday suppers.  thought i'd snap a photo or two of the elements to whet your appetite...

picked up these garden roses at the greenmarket

haven't seen these in a minute...

totally obsessed with coral right now.  these zinnias are so neon...totally remind me of the perfect summer nail polish and the legwarmers i wore in grammar school.

haven't seen the images yet {the dinner was yesterday} but i promise to post as soon as they're in my hot little hands.  personally, i can't wait! x

08 August 2010


sometimes you need to blow off work...
on friday my friend, cousin and i headed to rockaway beach for some relaxation and it was a blissfully perfect day. 

like these for vessels

why does mexican street food and the beach go so well together?
smoothies and fresh fruit, sun and surf, fish tacos and pineapple italian ices...playing hooky never felt so good. 

05 August 2010

the market

went to the market yesterday for inspiration for an upcoming project.  promise to share more details soon. x