26 July 2010

virginia really is for lovers

virginia beach, sunday morning.  we saw dolphins.
happy monday beauties!  hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  as i wrote on friday, i went to virginia beach for a dear friend's wedding.  virginia is hella hot and oppressively humid right now and totally made our new york heat wave seem like nothing.  but the wedding was magical.  beautiful couple so in love...moving and personal ceremony {it was embarrassing how much i cried}...in the company of great friends, old and new.  destination weddings rock -- everyone is relaxed and determined to have a good time.  i haven't had that much fun and laughed so hard, that consistently, in a minute.  or eaten so naughtily and with such abandon.  lol.  anyway, i was too busy laughing, crying and eating to take many pictures but managed to focus for a minute and take these.  the ceremony and dinner took place at the chrysler museum of art

 bride and groom as they are preparing to walk down the aisle as marrieds.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming Kat! It was so good to see you!