02 July 2010

something blue

hello all!  this is annie, kat's new intern, making an attempt at a first blog post.  surprisingly, it isn't about flowers but rather something that is just as bold and beautiful as the flowers you see in kat's shop...

i know.  when i first saw this, i literally could not stop gawking at it. the color of the stone is so intense, and the encasing just makes it pop even more! this gorgeous pendant is actually by azuretreasures on etsy (don't you just love that website?).  you can browse through her wide selection of wedding bridal jewelry here.  just try not to get sucked into the website like i did...hours will fly by before you know it.


  1. I've never seen a stone that color before - stunning.

  2. beautiful! welcome annie! looking forward to reading more posts from you - this was a good one to start with!