16 July 2010


happy friday lovelies!  so late breaking news...kat flower has moved.  where you ask?  well, right now that's tbd.  basically, i've decided to temporarily stall the retail arm until i find a new space.  not to worry, i will totally be back sooner than you think as i love meeting all of you and making you whatever your heart fancies {keeps my skills sharp}.  but in the meantime between time, i'm focusing on weddings, events and special orders {love working on that very personal level too} and will most definitely continue to blog since i've grown accustomed to sharing my goings-on with all of you.

but to be sure that you don't miss anything, please make it official and follow the blog, befriend/fan me on facebook and i just joined twitter {handle: katflowerbk} so i'm around for sure! xo


  1. So glad you're keeping up the blog - I love hearing/seeing what's going on with kat flower! Sounds like an exciting time...

  2. agreed! looking forward to the next phase of katflower. and will definitely continue checking out the blog as a quick fix!