16 July 2010

in the presence of greatness

no exaggeration.  yesterday, i took a master class with ariella chezar at flower school new york and i am still so excited about it!  i posted a photo of one of her beautiful arrangements last thursday and could not believe my good fortune that i not only got to meet her but also got to learn from her!  ariella is insanely brilliant and talented {her style has inspired and influenced countless many} and couldn't be more generous, gracious and lovely.  i know i'm gushing but that's what happens when you meet a creative genius people!  anyway, the above are photos of my class arrangement. 
p.s.  what i love about these 'continuing ed' master classes is not only do you get to learn from the best but you also meet so many talented peers.  i LOVE what i do!
p.p.s.  aren't those juliet roses ridiculous?  x

1 comment:

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