12 July 2010

dress heaven

hi everyone! it's annie again =) so yesterday, i went to williamsburg for the first time ever (i know, i know, it's very sad), and i fell in love with the insane amount of restaurants and adorable boutiques along bedford street. one shop that i loved in particular was pinkyotto. they have a few other locations, including one in boston! anyway, the store is just bursting with insanely pretty dresses and other wonderfully summery clothes...

doesn't this romper just make you want to frolic around central park and do nothing but have picnics and scavenger hunts all summer long? my friend lucy and i were continuously squealing over how many pretty floral dresses there were. we promised each other that once we had enough money, we would go back and buy ourselves some pretty dresses (they're a little pricey, but i think they're worth it). so if you're looking for any cute summer clothes, make sure to check it out!

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