29 July 2010

the gilded age done right

hi everyone, it's annie again! so i'm sure you're all familiar about newport, rhode island and all its magnificent mansions...well, my sister jen huang recently shot a wedding there, and it reminded me of a mansion that i fell in love with last summer when i visited. even the name is beautiful--rosecliff. the great gatsby was filmed there! it'd be an incredible wedding venueand i'd totally want it for mine...even though that's a long while from now.

isn't rosecliff gorgeous?? it has a great sweeping lawn and a breathtaking view of the sea as well as an incredible ballroom with doors that open out into the garden.

so brides, if you're looking for a romantic, elegant wedding venue, this is definitely one! you'll feel like a princess all night long...

rainy day adornment

love cloud, love umbrella.  at steven alan.


27 July 2010

what are little boys made of?

everyone who knows me knows that i am obsessed with my eight month old godson -- he's my favorite.  and because i am obsessed, i am always surfing the net looking for cute gear for him {they grow so fast}.  checked out asos and so tickled that each image includes a mini clip.  light, camera, action!
p.s.  picturing babies in muscle tees tickles me that much more. x

26 July 2010

for my girls

heard this at the wedding this past weekend and it inspired a joke that still has me chuckling...

virginia really is for lovers

virginia beach, sunday morning.  we saw dolphins.
happy monday beauties!  hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  as i wrote on friday, i went to virginia beach for a dear friend's wedding.  virginia is hella hot and oppressively humid right now and totally made our new york heat wave seem like nothing.  but the wedding was magical.  beautiful couple so in love...moving and personal ceremony {it was embarrassing how much i cried}...in the company of great friends, old and new.  destination weddings rock -- everyone is relaxed and determined to have a good time.  i haven't had that much fun and laughed so hard, that consistently, in a minute.  or eaten so naughtily and with such abandon.  lol.  anyway, i was too busy laughing, crying and eating to take many pictures but managed to focus for a minute and take these.  the ceremony and dinner took place at the chrysler museum of art

 bride and groom as they are preparing to walk down the aisle as marrieds.

23 July 2010

pink preview

photos from a spring shoot that will be featured in brides new york next month.  the bouquet was inspired by a pink sugared picnic in central park.  was also shot in coney island.  {styled by stellina events, desserts by nine cakes, images by jen photography, flowers by moi}

it's the weekend!

hi lovelies!  how was your week?  hope it was a good one.  mine was busy, busy and i'm leaving in a bit for a friend's wedding in virginia beach.  i'm excited to be going to be as wedding guest, hang out with friends and be out of town, even if just for the weekend.

anyway, i made a centerpiece sample for a wedding next week and had some leftover flowers so i decided to make an arrangement for my table.  i'm all about the footed vase...x

20 July 2010

art for the people



jeroen koolhaas and dre urhahn of haas & hahn's brilliant public art project of one of rio's favelas, santa marta.  their long term plan is to paint the entire hillside.

19 July 2010

real wedding

i loved working with katie and josh.  they got married july 4th weekend and wanted a casual, backyard feel to their wedding -- they provided me with an assortment of jars and cans to use as vessels {josh is a chef}.  the yellow peonies and the ridiculously full lisianthus were to die for and i used a lot of queen's lace since it's one of katie's favorites.   but as you can see, their focus was to have a really good time with their family and friends. {additional photos provided by the happy couple}

16 July 2010

in the presence of greatness

no exaggeration.  yesterday, i took a master class with ariella chezar at flower school new york and i am still so excited about it!  i posted a photo of one of her beautiful arrangements last thursday and could not believe my good fortune that i not only got to meet her but also got to learn from her!  ariella is insanely brilliant and talented {her style has inspired and influenced countless many} and couldn't be more generous, gracious and lovely.  i know i'm gushing but that's what happens when you meet a creative genius people!  anyway, the above are photos of my class arrangement. 
p.s.  what i love about these 'continuing ed' master classes is not only do you get to learn from the best but you also meet so many talented peers.  i LOVE what i do!
p.p.s.  aren't those juliet roses ridiculous?  x


happy friday lovelies!  so late breaking news...kat flower has moved.  where you ask?  well, right now that's tbd.  basically, i've decided to temporarily stall the retail arm until i find a new space.  not to worry, i will totally be back sooner than you think as i love meeting all of you and making you whatever your heart fancies {keeps my skills sharp}.  but in the meantime between time, i'm focusing on weddings, events and special orders {love working on that very personal level too} and will most definitely continue to blog since i've grown accustomed to sharing my goings-on with all of you.

but to be sure that you don't miss anything, please make it official and follow the blog, befriend/fan me on facebook and i just joined twitter {handle: katflowerbk} so i'm around for sure! xo

13 July 2010

what are you doing this sunday?

full disclosure.  i may love food more than i love flowers.  and as if posted before, i'm really selective about food-related items for fear that all its wonderfulness will take over.  anyway, y'all know about sunday suppers, right? {see my blogroll} well this sunday, they are combining my two loves with a ladies lunch by the jewels of new york and a flower class by the little flower school.  i wish i could go {sigh} but if you can, click here for tickets.  and be sure to write me and tell me about the goodness! x
{photo courtesy of sunday suppers}

12 July 2010

dress heaven

hi everyone! it's annie again =) so yesterday, i went to williamsburg for the first time ever (i know, i know, it's very sad), and i fell in love with the insane amount of restaurants and adorable boutiques along bedford street. one shop that i loved in particular was pinkyotto. they have a few other locations, including one in boston! anyway, the store is just bursting with insanely pretty dresses and other wonderfully summery clothes...

doesn't this romper just make you want to frolic around central park and do nothing but have picnics and scavenger hunts all summer long? my friend lucy and i were continuously squealing over how many pretty floral dresses there were. we promised each other that once we had enough money, we would go back and buy ourselves some pretty dresses (they're a little pricey, but i think they're worth it). so if you're looking for any cute summer clothes, make sure to check it out!

09 July 2010


hi lovelies.  this morning as i was shopping at market, i was reminded that no matter what curves life throws you or where your mind is, you can always count on the beauty of flowers.  when i look at them, everything returns to simple.  and simple is highly underrated.


lisianthus.  the colors are so much more vibrant in person.

berzellia.  haven't bought it in a while the green was calling me.

finesse rose.  looking forward to it developing.  it's a stunner.




this week's love.  the color screams luxury.  sadly, peonies are going up in price again since their season is passing

lady's mantle

looking forward to seeing you this weekend! x