04 June 2010


this week has been bananas busy...so much going on and there's no end is sight, at least not yet anyway.   and the heat.  as much as i heart summer, it's hard out there for a flower.  they love light, sun, heat...not so much.  there was lots i wanted to buy but of course, those particular flowers blow out quicker than i would like.  but did my best to get some hearty fare for the shop.


carnation.  this is a first time order for one of my suppliers.  i fell in love with the color, contrast, texture.  and talk about hearty. 

 snapdragons.  the white ones are a bit heartier than the other colors.


godetia.  their crepe paper-like texture is really working for me right now.

explosion grass.  another lovey.

pina colada rose.  the name screams summer and they open up so beautifully.

leucadendron.  pin cushions.  you can't go wrong with tropicals.


  1. GORGEOUS. i can't believe those are carnations. really?!??

  2. I made an arrangement of white and pink peonies for the house this week and thought of you. The peonies are all over the flower shops and markets in London right now. So beautiful!!