24 May 2010

when all else fails, white {almost} always works

happy monday lovelies!  hope you had a good weekend.  mine was busy, at least saturday was.  this was a last minute order --- the event called for tall red flowers but unless you want roses or gladiolus, the color presents a bit of a challenge.  luckily, i have an understanding and flexible client, so i went with white snapdragons, dock and those gorgeous peonies...can i say again how over the moon i am that they're in season and all over market?  it's like going to store and seeing the amazing shoe or dress you're crushing in every color and variation...yay!
{p.s. for those of you that have visited kat flower, you know that i'm located inside grady's collective market.  i snapped the arrangements in our kinda charming backyard.  it's perfect for my meetings with brides and event clients...unless it rains}

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