04 May 2010


as you know, i was in las vegas last week.  i was there for just three days so while i had big plans to take lots of photos, i only managed the paltry and random few below.

 birds on campus lawn

jasmine growing by my friend's front door

decided to check out the retail flower scene whilst there.  i mean, it's the desert and many blooms can't grow there.  so where do florists get product?  well, they work growers in hawaii, south america, europe, etc. and there are a few wholesale markets in town {wanted to visit them...ran out of time} but it turns out that a lot of product is brought in from la, which is a three hour drive away.  when i first heard that, i thought it was crazy but i guess when you don't know different, it's fine.

i visited the english garden florist, voted one of las vegas' best florists.  dave is the owner and he was super nice, hospitable and kind enough to give me tour of the shop, answer my questions and let me snap some photos.

 work area
here's dave.  he is a fourth generation florist.  the shop has been operating for eight years now but his family has been in the flower business since 1910!  this is their centennial year.  amazing, right?

hyacinth and poppies

pot of gerbera daisies

snail with roses, moss and hypericum


can't come to vegas without checking out a casino or two.  i visited the bellagio and snapped photos of their seasonal floral display.  go big or go home, i guess.  and while i wasn't able to capture dale chilhuly's fiori di como {totally felt like robin from top chef las vegas}, take my word for it, it's pretty spectacular.  

i flew into vegas at night and forgot to look out the window to see the lights.   but this is the view as we were preparing to land at jfk early thursday morning.  i felt like the universe knew i was happy to be back home and welcomed me with this beautiful vista.

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