20 May 2010


big bag of flowers on the sofa...

by my front door...leaving for the shop soon

to be a florist is to schlep.  it really resonated at 7 this morning, on my way back from market with my huge, heavy bag of flower packages.  i schlep flowers, i schlep vases, water, supplies, my laptop, myself...not a pity party, i'm simply stating fact.  and so this morning, as i awkwardly tried to keep my packages contained, i was reminded that this little venture truly is a labor of love.  the flowers, seeing people smile and admire them as they pass by, working and creating with them really makes it worth it.  so lovelies, here's what is new and fresh at the shop.


 sunflowers.  this variety is called teddy bear

 euphorbia marginata or snow on the mountain




 the last of local lilac

i'm going to market again tomorrow morning for peonies, more ranunculus and whatever else looks good...

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  1. Such a gorgeous bounty from those heavy bags! I hear you about the schlepping - subway life is hard with a big load.