07 May 2010


it has been a whirlwind of activity this past week preparing for mother's day in addition to my regular small business owner work.  i have been to market every day this week checking inventory, placing orders, buying vases... i am soooo ready for sunday!  bring it flower-lovers and seekers!  i'm amped, excited and ready to go!

here's what i'm working with this week.  i know i say it often but i heart this assortment so. x

yellow, pink and orange ranunculus

 purple and white lisianthus

coral charm, scarlett o'hara and festiva peonies

i thought this was thistle but i think this is echinopsis...

iris, this week's love.  and it has this beautiful lemon-y scent.

stock, in four different colors...


also have jasmine, solidago, calxcina, lilac and geranium. like i said, i'm ready. x


  1. Keep checking out your inventory as I find myself inspired by all of the shapes and colors. Shared the images with my aunt and we were both "oohing" and "ahhing" over the selection. Nice work!

  2. I heard from Paul Labrecque and he was beyond thrilled with the arrangement you put together for him / from me. With these pickings I can certainly see why! Thank you again. xx!