09 May 2010

lovely and amazing

full stop, mommy is my favorite person in the whole wide world.  and on the day we celebrate mothers, i thought i'd publicly share how amazing mine is.  when people say that they have the best mom, while i may agree that their mom is great, i always think that mine is better.  it's not a competition or anything...i just really believe that i have the best mother in the history of mothers.  she's the nicest, kindest person i know.  she's also the most patient and the most calm -- she's got a zen-like quality that is both admirable and enviable.  she's wise and has incredible perspective.  she's really funny without ever, ever trying which makes her adorable.  she makes motherhood seem easy even though i know it's not.  mommy is honest and sincere and although i may not always like what she has to say, i know that it comes from the purest place. 

i am her first born, her first love {and she mine} and i feel that love every day of my life.  it nourishes me, it encourages me, inspires, anchors and defines me.  she is my sun.  i don't know what i did to deserve to be born her daughter but i am grateful every day that i have such a beautiful mother.

happy mother's day mommy and to all the mommies.  you're all stars.
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