13 May 2010

it's working!

 out for delivery...

at four months old, this blog is still a baby but i'm continually amazed at its reach.  this morning, a very thoughtful mom in massachusetts ordered a birthday arrangement for her daughter.  she googled flowers in clinton hill and i came up.  and even nicer, she recognized that i'm a new business and wanted to support me.  i love and appreciate that very much.

so thank you very much for patronizing and recommending me, for following me and bringing me into your lives.  i love hearing from you so if you have any suggestions, ideas or want to introduce me to a flower or anything else that you heart, comment away or email me.  and i remain forever grateful. xxx


  1. Love the blog, love what you do, glad it's all coming back around. You deserve all of your success!

  2. I was the recipient of these flowers from the super-thoughtful mom and I was so thrilled. The flowers are gorgeous, bright and cheery, and have lasted through the weekend. Thank you so much-- you obviously put your heart into this arrangement! And thanks Mom, Dad, and Leo for the lovely birthday gift!