16 April 2010

the world is round and nature rules

                                                     {image from AP via weather.com}
what happens in one part of the world usually affects the whole.  we've all heard about the icelandic volcanic ash cloud that is hovering over europe, disrupting air travel and stranding passengers.  well, you know what else is stranded?  you guessed it...flowers.  some of the world's largest flower farms are in europe and flowers are shipped from there to rest of the world.  and lots of flowers grown on other continents still must pass through europe on their way here.  this morning, the market was abuzz with talk of delayed shipments, customers not being able to get xyz, product freshness, inflated prices, etc.  and yes, spring has indeed sprung and local product is becoming more available but we just don't have everything. 

i did get some new product for the weekend and will post some snaps later today.  i got some beauties so stay tuned...

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