09 April 2010


hi lovelies.  sorry for the late post...seemingly, there aren't enough hours in the day to get all that i need to get done done.  anyway, here are the shop's latest offerings.  i haven't been this much into purple since the days of purple rain.  yes, there was a time in my life when all i wanted to wear was purple.  anyway, this week, i'm all about fragrance and purple.

scabiosa from japan.  i know, carbon footprint...

celiosa.  the color is insane.

jasmine is here and their scent is intoxicating

sweet pea.  another lovely scent...

butterfly spray carnations are back by popular demand.

asparagus fern

lilac from california.  local lilac will be available in the next two weeks.


 our little display on fulton street.  hope you can stop by soon. x

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  1. I adore purple and Jasmine is one of my favorites. It always reminds me of my semester in Spain.