15 April 2010

real wedding

here are some photos from a wedding i did late last month.  i'm stating the obvious by saying that weddings are highly emotional.  and not that i'm comparing but they're emotional and intense for us florists too.  i mean, it's this super important day and we've been entrusted to carry out the bride's/couple's vision.  we're making the bouquet and it will live forever in photos, on video, in memories...  so even though i often have brides approve sample bouquets, as i'm making the real thing, i can't help but hope that she's over-the-moon happy with my design.  i need a gold star and a smiley face.

the bridal bouquet in the shop.  
the colors were white, black and silver but i still wanted it to look like spring so i put in some greens.
used anemones because the bride mentioned she likes gerbera daisies.  love the color and texture of dusty miller and brunia.  

the duchess peonies, lilac and scented geranium made it smell divine.  i added feathers to complement the bride's hair accessory and for some whimsy.

for the table.  broke down some white cherry blossoms for the arrangements.  each one was different.

for the bathroom.  i usually throw that in since sometimes folks forget about it.

the bride wanted the bouquets to transition to the reception so i made them with that in mind. {above three images courtesy of tim wong/timecut photography}


  1. Stunning! I give you 3 gold stars!

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