22 April 2010

garden walk part III

happy earth day!  i saved the best for last...

the brooklyn botanic garden boasts one of the world's most amazing collection of cherry blossoms, 42 varieties over its 52 acres.  and droves of folks trek out to good ol' prospect heights {my hood} for sakura matsuri, its annual cherry blossom festival.  because of this spring's unseasonably warm temperatures, many of the trees peaked a little on the early side.  and seemingly, everyone decided to come out on tuesday to see them.  i wanted to take so many more photos but a) it was hard to take shots without crowds of people in them and b) my camera battery died.  damn, damn, damn!  anyway, the festival ends next weekend so head out before it's just pink confetti.  

and this concludes this week's garden walk.  thanks for playing friends.  x

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