20 April 2010

garden walk part I

it is a gorgeous day in the neighborhood so this morning, my dear friend patrick and i headed to brooklyn botanic garden to enjoy it in all its splendor!  you may recall that i last posted photos of the garden during one of winter's many storms.  seeing the garden so alive literally took my breath away!  i'm so grateful to be able to experience its beauty with all my senses...it's absolute heaven. x

 a view of the lilac grove and the cherry esplanade (way over yonder)

 remember i took a picture of this beech tree during the snow storm?  seems so long ago that its branches were once barren and heavy with snow.

grape hyacinth

wisteria.  so beautiful and dramatic.

lilac, lilac, lilac!

june is rose month at the bbg.  i'll definitely be back before then...

gardener in what was once a field of blooming daffodils

most of the peonies haven't bloomed but i found this one chinese tree peony.  love the purple-y center.

peony bud.  like i said, not blooming yet...

hiding from the sun

magnolia.  to quote patrick, even saying the word sparks romance...

just love the iron lettering on the gate.

i'll post the remaining photos tomorrow and thursday.   by the way, the brooklyn botanic garden is FREE every tuesday! 

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