30 April 2010


here you go!  better late than never i guess...

a few of the same players but they are so much fun to work with, i can't resist...


ranunculus from france.  one of my customers said that the ones she bought last week were still going strong.  i love to hear that.

bunny tail grass


dahlias!  i couldn't believe it when i saw them.  forgot to ask where they're from...
 asparagus fern

 chamomile.  just like the tea.



also have some white and blush pink peonies as well esperance roses.  look forward to seeing soon! x

urban blooms

hey there.  i got back in town yesterday morning and it has been a flurry of activity since.  i'll post images of this week's shop offerings later today {might be way later} but in the meantime-betweentime, i wanted to let you about the sunday reception for urban blooms, a photographic essay on flowers, at gradys collective market {home of kat flower}.  support local artists and local businesses!

28 April 2010

way to impress mom...

 when it comes to gifts, mother's day reigns supreme as the day to say it with flowers.  i made this arrangement for a delivery but decided to feature it for mother's day.  i'm taking names and orders...place yours today!  email me at kathleen{at}katflower{dot}com or stop by the shop {i'm there thursday-sunday}.  thanks so much x

27 April 2010

floral and fauna

beautiful note cards by saturate design.  also available at the curiosity shoppe.  love them for mother's day. {l to r: spring fever, floral, asiatica, sunny day}

fait accompli

a clever little book from the curiosity shoppe.  should totally get this for the days when i'm feeling unproductive. 

26 April 2010

party flowers continued

good morning lovelies!  i'm blogging from las vegas.  it's my maiden voyage to the land of lost wages {and nevada full stop} and i'm so happy to be in the heat and sunshine and not cold, damp new york.  i'm looking forward to checking it out and of course, i'll share my discoveries, such that they are, with you.

but here are some snaps of the some of the arrangements as they were heading out the door.  i had a lot of freedom in choosing the materials and arranging the flowers.  and i must say, i loved this palette and the peonies are just exquisite. i attempted to take some photos at the venue but since it was dark and i'm no professional, nor do i have professional equipment...those photos...not so bueno.


if you want a garden rose look on a budget, the pink finesse rose is a nice option...

the stamen totally moves.  it's absolutely magical.  i mean, it doesn't get much better than that. 

24 April 2010

party flowers

today i'm doing flowers for a wedding reception.  the bride and groom actually eloped so tonight they're celebrating with family and friends.  because it's not seated dinner and more of a party, i'm creating tall cherry blossom arrangements for the bar and clustered arrangements for the cocktail tables.  below are some snaps of the cast of characters.

even though i know in advance what elements i'm going to be working with, i.e. the flowers and vessels, i'm always excited to see what composition i come up with.  i'll post the photos soon...

23 April 2010


just as i predicted, the ash cloud lorded over the market this week.  it was kind of slim pickins tuesday through yesterday but because hope springs eternal, the flowers finally arrived today...hallelujah!   the shop is bursting with variety, color and so much pretty.  i love my job! x



eremurus or foxtail lily

spider mums





rice flower