22 March 2010

let the conversation begin...

this was the conversation starter from creative mornings -- i chose to be a dining table.  why you ask?  well, food is another passion of mine, one that i've been extremely judicious about sharing here for fear that this blog will quickly become about food.  but i digress...  i was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where we shared every evening meal (and many mornings too) at the dining table.  i like dining tables and all they represent -- togetherness, comfort, nourishment, entertaining, conversation, beauty, love -- all values that i consider really important.

and dining tables are often the creative centerpiece in homes, when entertaining, at events and weddings.  so many elements come into play...the table itself, the chairs, linens, the silverware, glassware, china, candles, flowers, the food.  they have this transformative quality that in my business, i relish and appreciate.  and they are personal, not only in their design, but also in the mere fact that they bring people together.  so yeah, i'm totally a dining table.

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  1. so jealous you got to go to this. can't wait to hear about it in person.