22 March 2010


everyone has to fill up creative tanks every once in a while and mine was definitely replenished last friday.  i attended creative mornings, organized by swiss miss and this month's guest speaker was maxwell gillingham-ryan of apartment therapy.  maxwell was humble, down-to-earth and inspiring.  and the message that resonated most to me was the notion of being of service and of value.  he started apartment therapy, the design firm and eventually the blog, to provide people with the tools to create beautiful, organized, functional and safe (i.e. like a sanctuary or haven) homes.  he spoke about the need for business to be personal.  and i got me to thinking about kat flower and what i strive to be for my customers and readers.

at my core, i am a lover of beauty, the simpler, the better, and to me, flowers and nature embody that.  their loveliness has inspired everything from works of art to fashion and design to culture.  i have long cultivated my love of flowers and decided to become a florist to share that passion with you.  my appreciation and admiration of flowers and all their incarnations is deeply personal to me.

nature is creative -- the variety of color, shape, texture, design, if you will, and all its combinations.  i am in constant awe of how adding or removing one element will completely alter a composition.  i love working with that unpredictability.

all this to say that i hope that comes through here.  obviously one of my purposes for this blog is to market my business.  and although i'm not trying to save the world, i do want to be of service and value to you.  to communicate the love and respect i have for flowers, their creativity, their ubiquity but rareness, their ability to inspire and affect our moods (usually in the best possible way) and how lucky i am to work with them.

i could go on and on but let me just say thank you for following me and continuing to read about kat flower.  it truly means a lot to me. xxx 

{the above image of dusty miller really illustrates creativity to me.  its shape, its velvety texture, silvery green color and its ability be one more than the other depending on the juxtaposition.  it's a fun element to work with and i am using it this weekend for a wedding.  so be on the lookout for the photos next week!}

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  1. i'm so jealous you got to go to the event! i wanna hear about it in person.