10 February 2010

adventures in snow

being the intrepid flower lover that i am, i decided to brave the elements with my trusty iphone and visit one of my favorite places on earth, the brooklyn botanic garden.  the weather was pretty aggressive so i had a hard time keeping my phone steady for photos but you'll get it... 

yes, that is snow and wind.

i love the design on the gates.

crabapple sapling

majestic beech tree -- i love how the branches extend to the ground.

the famous rose garden

didn't think it was a good idea to jump the gate...

the lilac path.  in the spring, the smell is intoxicating.

thicket of snowy lilac

even with wellie and cashmere socks, my feet were slowly becoming blocks of ice.  but i persevered...

the cherry esplanade.  on a windy day like today, it is pink rain when they're in bloom.  it's truly a wonderland.

i've rested on this bench many times...

seemingly, i was alone.  it felt like the garden was just for me.  i forgot about the cold and just enjoyed my solitude in the midst of such natural beauty. 

looking forward to the rhododendron in bloom.  but i'll be back before then. x

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