14 January 2010


this blog wouldn't be proper if i didn't let you know what's in the shop.  the assortment of flowers i sell is very curated.  obviously i don't nor can i carry every single flower or every color variation.  you saw the market images.  impossible.  how do i pick, you ask?  well, there's no real science to it although i do employ some strategy.  simply put, i buy what i like, what is uber-fresh and in season, what looks good on its own as well as with friends and what has longevity, although the latter does not always come into play.  i also have a guestbook in the shop where i ask for your favorite bloom and i keep that in mind at market -- when you're excited about the selection, i'm happy.  here's some of what i'm working with this week.  hope you can stop by! x

p.s. as i've mentioned, i shop fresh per gift order.  so if there is specific flower/stem you want, i will do my absolute best to make it happen for you.

photos by derrick raphael

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