09 January 2010

the market

i am fortunate to live in new york where i have access to one of the best flower markets in all the world.  if it's growing somewhere in the world, chances are you can get it in new york.  most of the flowers and plants at the market are imported from south america, holland, france, israel, some african countries, new zealand as well as domestically grown in california, the carolinas and other parts of the united states.  in the spring and summer months,  you're able to get a variety of product from local growers.

i visit the market several times a week, based on when new shipments arrive -- want it to be super fresh.  i buy from several wholesalers although i have my favorites.  regardless, the selection is amazing and can be a wee bit overwhelming. without fail, i fall in love with one or two or three flowers and try to convince myself that i must have them in the shop.  so i often have to close-talk myself to stop from buying too much.  i can't lie -- it's a constant battle.

here are some snaps from this morning's trip, all taken with my iphone so i'll apologize in advance.  if you have questions about the flowers below, feel free to comment with your query or email me. x





my big box of flowers on the subway


  1. lovely. the white renunculas! (? i'm hoping that's the right name) are beautiful. very special. have been so curious about the early morning flower market-ing. you make me want to go too! looks fun!

  2. I love this behind-the-scenes look - how do you ever choose what to buy? I would be overwhelmed by all of the wonderful choices. By the way, lovely blog.

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